The FSO Harmonic Scanner is one of the best forex indicator for MT4.

Why is the FSO Harmonic Scanner counting as one of the best market scanner in the Forex industry? Have you ever heard about artificial intelligence and neural network technology in Forex trading? Our Harmonic Scanner is not an ordinary MT4 indicator based on a mechanical MQL code but a highly sophisticated neural network system. What does this mean? The concept has 2 components. The Forex market scanner which you install on your MT4 and the AI (artificial intelligence) neural network servers which run on our side in 2 separate datacenter. 

Forex scanner neural network

Our datacenters are located in the east cost of the U.S. and Hong Kong. All servers are running in a RAID system. RAID systems will guarantee running operations without failures and downtime. The client-part, your local installation of the forex market scanner has a real-time synchronisation with our neural network servers as long as you run the FSO Harmonic Scanner template on your MT4. All our trading systems produce 90% accuracy if the trader follows some simple rules. We have been awarded several times to have developed the best forex indicators in the Forex industry. More than 5,000 clients globally can tell their own success story. 

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