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  • Entries - Take Profit and Stop Loss targets are evaluated by Neural Network and not the typical Fibs used by every other mainstream Harmonic Scanner

FSO Harmonic Scanner FAQ
(in development)

You need a MT4 installation on your computer. The FS HS is compatible with Windows OS, Mac OS and Linux.

If you ever get the question into your mind trading from your mobile device, then you are not serious interested in Forex! Trading is not a show and requires concentration and observing. You need your computer screen to have a broad view and not a small cell phone or tablet display.

With the FSO Harmonic Scanner you can trade on any time frame you want. The question for you is what makes sense?! I recommend trading harmonics not below 15min time frame. If you trade below 15min time frame you cannot move away your eyes from your screen and monitor your trades like an eagle.

Higher time frames will give you higher accuracy and stress-free trades.

Yes you can. Activate the FSO HS for scanning 1M and 5M time frames for patterns. What kind of expiry your BO’s need to have is your part. I don’t know your money management.




Yes sure you can. For example if you change your broker you get a new MT4 ID. Please send the new account number to info@kbase-one.com and after verification a fresh license will be issued. The previous MT4 ID will be compromised.

All future updates are included with your license and one-time payment.


Yes, you can trade any instrument available on MT4.


You have 2 options for your entry signal which you can choose in the indicator settings.

  1. Get entry signals with each and every pattern extension.
  2. Get entry signals when the pattern has been fully developed and no extension will be expected.



The FSO Harmonic Scanner has an accuracy of 90% which is not “hot air” but the reality.


You can use any broker you wish. In my case I am with HotForex and never ever got any problem with them. Withdrawals are fast and support is awesome. if you ask me what account type I use: HotForex Premium account Leverage 1:400

It depend heavily on how many pairs and time frames you let the scanner monitor for you.

If you can higher times frames only, you get less signals than scanning for patterns on lower time frames.


No, not anymore. People tried to fool us by ordering trials more than once by using different names, email address and MT4 accounts. Smart huh? Nope, this is just brainless. How the heck you want to fund a trading account if you don’t have the money to purchase the FSO Harmonic Scanner?

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