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  • Entries - Take Profit and Stop Loss targets are evaluated by Neural Network and not the typical Fibs used by every other mainstream Harmonic Scanner

Thank you for your purchase. Please follow the steps below.

Activation Guide FSO Harmonic Scanner.

Getting Started – read carefully

Thank you for your subscription of the FSO Harmonic Scanner Pro. I really appreciate your business and if you do have any questions please send an email (click) and I or one of my support team will be happy to help you further.

Below are the simple steps you need to take to get started in activating and installing your FSO Harmonic Scanner license.

Keep in mind that you can install the FSO Harmonic Scanner only on the MT4 account you will have to register in the form below whether a live account or a demo account. If you need a second installation on a different account number, please let me know.

Activate your license (MT4 installation)

The first step is to create your very own user license for the FSO Harmonic Scanner installation which is unique and hard-coded to your MT4 account. After submitting your license information in the form below, a confirmation email will tell you that all went through successfully.

In order to get your personal license and access to the member area, I need to activate your data manually. In most of the cases it will be done within 1-2 hours after submitting your license information in the form below but might take up to 6 hours if I am sleeping etc.

÷÷÷ Very important ÷÷÷
You can choose on what email address you want to receive the email alerts (Gmail preferred). Please don’t use Hotmail, iCloud and @me.com since these email providers make a lot of trouble trouble. SMS signal alerts in beta status and will get online soon.

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