License Registration Form

Activate your license (two MT4 account ID’s)

The first step to getting your Harmonic Scanner up and running is to create your very own license which is unique and personal. Each License will be locked to your MT4 account ID. Meaning, your Harmonic Scanner license works ONLY on the MT4 account number you have to submit in the form below, It does not matter if a live account or a demo account. If you want to change your MT4 account ID later on, please get in touch with me at any time. After submitting your license information in the form below, a confirmation email tell’s you that all went through successfully.

How to identify your MT4 ID:

In order to send you the trading software, I need to activate your data manually. In most of the cases, it will be done within 1-2 hours after submitting your license information but it might take up to 6 hours if I am sleeping, etc.

DO NOT use or email addresses to register your license.  MAKE SURE your email address is working fine and it is a legit one. The license system will block “weird-looking” email addresses.

If you are using Yahoo or Hotmail, check your Spam folder as well. Gmail works the best!

DO NOT use your mobile phone to register your license. Please do it on your computer, otherwise, registration data won’t send successfully.

fso harmonic scanner

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