FAQ and Tutorials Harmonic Scanner For Beginners

Please follow the instructions below on how to set up and on how to trade the FSO Harmonic Scanner 8.

Every year the FSO Harmonic Scanner For Beginners becomes a fresh update to match new market conditions.
The FSO Harmonic Scanner with neural network integration and a highly sophisticated correlation engine that is aware of Market Makers / Dealer behavior. Besides, the Harmonic Scanner For Beginners can measure various volume information and interpret the complicated moves done by Market Makers. Occasionally MM tries to deceive retail traders (YOU) by using their order sizes and timing; most often, it’s done to provoke traders to move in the opposite direction. The smart built-in technology with an accuracy of 90% will help you to prevent trading these Market Makers’ fake moves and aggressive stop hunt breakouts. Only with an imminent reversal pattern (mostly M & W, half a bat, shoulder head shoulder) on a finished harmonic pattern drawn by the FSO HS, you will be able to execute your order without big surprises. Since Market Makers can also hide their actions by trading through ECN broker, it is often difficult to tell whether large ECN orders are retail. The FSO HS is the best tool to trade in line with the dealer and, by the way, the only one you can find. Entries, TP’s & SL targets are being monitored by artificial intelligence.

Introducing FSO Harmonic Scanner. 

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Installation & Setup.

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Important! If your broker uses prefixes or suffixes (EURUSDi, EURUSDecn, EURUSD.1, etc.) then you need to add them to each pair as shown below.

harmonic scanner neural network

How to trade with the Best Harmonic Scanner Forex.

Tutorial video on how to trade FX.

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